Friday, 15 April 2011

My painting 15 Years Ago, Inspired by my Travels to Africa.

 My kitchen is the closest I have to a studio and the back wall keeps getting more screws in it to hang pictures to see what sets of paintings look like together. Then the pictures go to show or get sold and I am left with an ugly empty wall with lots of marks. What I should do is use some filler and paint the wall and start again - but I don't. I then found these paintings in the loft. They look like an egg head family! They will do for now. They bring back memories of my cabin crew days, collecting soap stone sculptures from Africa. The picture below was the first painting I did with dots, way before I saw any aboriginal art and got into that. It was done with watercolours on paper - before I painted with acrylic on canvas.

Even the flower Iris picture and her scribbles are hiding roaming screws.

 Giles and I got this as a wedding present for each other. (Our family to come...?)

 This is from a market in Nairobi
Although this mask is quite ugly I am very fond of it, I got it in a market in Lagos.
 I love that it looks like a heart.

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