Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Beautiful Brighton!

 After the art fair I had to go around the block and at least catch a glimpse of the sea. It was just after six and the lighting was perfect. I love the Royal Pavilion. It was  built for the Prince Regent, later King George IV, in stages between 1787 and 1823. It is remarkable for its exotic oriental appearance both inside and out. This magnificent royal pleasure palace was revered by fashionable Regency society and is still a distinctive landmark for vibrant Brighton & Hove today.

The Brighton Art Fair

The Arthouse Meath at Brighton Art Fair


And inspired by Brighton!

I was lucky enough to catch five minutes at the end of the show and did a quick run around. Below are some of the artists that caught my eye. I particularly like the work from the Daniel ablitt, the artist below. The paintings are so atmospheric and have a hint of  Peter Doig. I also love the spotty white lit up trees, they are beautiful!

 Inked Gallery