Monday, 22 February 2010

We had a great time in Norway. These photo's are from Paradise Beach in Oslo.

The deep snow at the edge of the ski slopes in Tryvann, Oslo.

My kids at troll school, and below Daisy's collection of Trolls.

A couple of stills from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland film.

Deep in the mushroom forest. It looks amazing!

Friday, 5 February 2010

At last they are finished! The first couple of paintings at least. Now they are on exhibition in Brussels, just wishing to be bought!

Itchycoo Park Series:

Each of the paintings that will become part of the Itchycoo Park set will be numbered and follow a sequential order, allowing each painting to roll into the next and so becoming a seamless storyboard. Usually a story is written and then illustrated. Here, the painting comes first unwinding random images like a dream. I am hoping that somewhere down the line I can find a story.

‘Somewhere beyond the Sweet Milk Mountain.’

Kiki stands hiding behind a tree. She watches flower powered flora merge into fauna as the animals play and feast. They have escaped a carousel that is the topping of a triple-tiered cake. The mountain is also a cake that has a sweet milk fall. Gold drops from the mushrooms into china cups. The wise owl looks on. The jellyfish are spirits that appear during dusk, some become free floating to heaven, others drift and get lost. The trees have beads of jewels, nets and weep tears.

‘Where the silken threads surround you.’

Escaping the carousel the horses/ rabbit – (habbit /raborse?)wade through the sweet milk lake. They are held earthbound by giant daisies, multi - coloured flags and silken threaded nets (Dream catcher/ Indra’s net). Evil crows whisper and lead others astray. The sweet milk lake of emotion pours into a small china cup. A lonely pink tree weeps the weight of the world amid a heavy snowfall. Beneath stands a penguin lost from home. A sad octopus gives a lending hand.

‘Somewhere beyond the Sweet Milk Mountain Where the Silken Threads Surround You.’

The 2nd painting rolling into the 3rd. I need this as I may not have the other paintings for reference.
Detail from 1st painting

Detail from 1st painting

Detail from 2nd painting

Detail from 2nd picture

My kids have other ideas for packing my paintings!

I love this picture, my mum took it a few weeks ago in Norway at Sognsvann, a place were I often visited as a child. I thought the shape and reflections may make a future appearance in a future painting. I also wandered if will introduce some norwegian folklore - watch this space. I look forward to go to Norway next week!