Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Gustarv Vigeland and Polish Sculpture around 1900: On the Paths of the Soul.

This exhibition was rather special, a unique presentation of artists that are unknown to most, it shows how artists regardless of nationality, were part of important and dominant tendencies within European Art and cultural life. It also shows how Vigeland had an importance towards his Polish contemporaries. 


GV: The Kiss

GV: The Kiss, Bronze

GV: The Kiss

GV: Young Man and Woman

GV: Man cradling a woman in his arms.


GV: Father and Daughter

GV: Orpheus and Eurydice II

GV: Man Sitting with Woman on His Lap



GV: Young Boy

GV: Accursed

Waclaw Szymanowski: Burden

GV: The Resurrection

GV: Hell II

GV: Hell, Detail

GV: Hell, Detail

GV: Hell, Detail




GV: Henrik Ibsen



Boleslaw Biegas: Chopin's Funeral March

Boleslaw Biegas: Earth

Boleslaw Biegas: Mighty Spirit

Henryk Kunzek: Vampire

Xawery Dunikowski: Fate

Boleslaw Biegas: Premonition

Konstanty Laszczka: Melancholy

Xawery Dunikowski: Cloud

Xawery Dunikowski: Wave, (Morning)

Konstanty Laszczka: Left Alone

Stanislaw Jagmin

GV:  (It could almost be Angel of the North?)

Monday, 30 August 2010

The Grandfathers of Troll illustration, 18-1900s

Trolls in Norway are found in seas, mountains and Fjords. Decades ago Asbjornsen and Moe first collected these tales of horror, wander and awe! This book remembers the old troll myths and history in Norway, retold by Asala.

From 'The Golden Bird,' Theodor Kittelsen 1883

The Troll Who Wanders About His Age, Theodor Kittelsen

The Troll , Theodor Kittelsen

The Troll and the Dyre. Theodor Kittelsen 

Nokken as a Horse, Theodor Kittelsen 1907

On the way to  Troll Castle, Theodor Kittelsen

Troll of the Forest, Theodor Kittelsen 

The Ash Lad Who Had an Eating Match with the Troll, Theodor Kittelsen 1883
The Troll Washing His Brat, Theodor Kittelsen

From 'Buttercup,' Theodor Kittelsen, 1882

From 'Buttercup,' Theodor Kittelsen, 1882

The Troll on Karl Johan Square, Theodor Kittelsen  1892

From 'The Companion,' Erik Swerenskiold, 1886

The Nisse, Theodor Kittelsen 1887

Dobbin and the Goblin, Theodor Kittelsen 1905

Nokken, Theodor Kittelsen

The Sea Troll, Theodor Kittelsen 1887