Thursday, 30 September 2010

I am very sad, I am not able to upload my photo's!!

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I am not a happy bunny!

At the moment this is as good as it gets for getting a picture. For some reason blogger is rejecting my photo's. 5 Days and waiting...... So I've got half a post from London Design Week 2010, Tent. I have much more waiting, and then some from Origin. At the moment I am working on another couple of Inked pictures, hopefully I will be able to load my images by the time they are done. Fingers X 

London Design Week 2010, Tent.

The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. 
Not sure what this is about?

Lark Happy

Mathmos Lava lamps

A collaboration with Inflate Products Ltd.

Andrew Tanner Design

I love these,
By Michael Angove

Sam Pickard

Sarah Jane at SJguest
Imagination is a beautiful thing

Pebble nest tables, Ercol

Unique patchwork designs by Kelly Swallow

How many things can you make out of a yellow dust cloth ? 

Quite a few it would seem if you had nothing better to do!

Jung Myung Taek

Any baby would love this, it would keep them entertained for hours.

Feet for hooks

Wola Nani, Sam Design Ltd

Latorre Cruz

London Timepiece

Alice Johnson, glass design
Zoe Murphy from Margate,
I Love these!!

Part 2 of Tent London on it's way, if you would like to see more info visit here.