The Itchycoo Story

I'm Mimi,
Come with me to the Land of Itchycoo.

Somewhere Beyond the Sweet Milk Mountain


Where the Silken Threads Surround You


I Love You Inside Out, Who Ever You May Be.


Itchycoo Landscaping

Sometimes it Snows in April


Itchycoo Love, Bird Dance

Itchycoo Spring



 To Iris and Daisy

Jelly Sunrise

Meadow fine, Meadow bright

Starfish, firecracker Jellies

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Poppy's Song of Summer

Itchycoo Petite

 Mimi's travels in Itchycoo.

Itchycoo Rainbow Amanita 

Itchycoo Sleepy Hedgehog

Itchycoo The Owl and The Tiger

Itchycoo Peak-a-Boo

Itchycoo Tea for Two

Itchycoo Flamingo

Itchycoo Rainy Days 

Itchycoo Solace

Itchycoo Heavenly

Itchycoo Stepping Stones

Itchycoo Union Jack

Itchycoo Elephant

Itchycoo Penguin

Itchycoo Twilight Pony

Itchycoo Lion

Itchycoo Tiger

Itchycoo Park

My first painting of Mimi in Itchycoo