Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Peter Pan Panto: He's Behind You!!

It was brilliant!
& Phil Mitchell  makes a great Captain Hook.

A Christmas PJ Day!

 The Christmas Slugs!

 Santa never forgets to give an orange!

 Thank you Father Christmas
 Sleepy Head 

Iris Planking 
 New PJ's

 Yey, a sledge, let it snow!

 A smaller Christmas table with Nana and Grandpa.
 Daisy's turkey leg!
Fireworks!! So they did get dressed at bedtime.

God Jule!! ~ A Merry Christmas Eve.

 Our Christmas Elves
 Christmas Cousins

 Daisy with a set of magic tricks!

 Our Little Tinker
 Mofa and Jessy
Daisy, Nana, Jessy
 Nina , Daisy, Grandpa, Elin
Putting sacks out for Santa, Iris's sack has swallowed her whole!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Lille Julaften.... Getting Ready for Tomorrow!

 Usually we are away for Christmas, but this year we are home and we will be having a Norwegian Christmas, celebrating Christmas Eve. There will be 14 of us. 
 The Christmas Houses!
 My Momo's Christmas Peg People.
 Daisy and Iris making place settings that double up as handmade christmas cards.
 Dad's done a bit of DIY. Our glass table is quite big, it can open up to 3m - except the room isn't wide enough to open it fully out.  Still at 2.5m  It  could make an L or T shaped table, borrowing mums on the end. Luckily Giles saw what I was thinking...
6kilos of potatoes ready to boil and roast!

Making Marzipan Friends with Momo

Kids Christmas Baking:

 Cookies with Cousins 

 Mince Pies with Nana

A Christmas Tree Card

 I love this Christmas card, it's by Vicki and her four year old daughter April.
Vicki is a volunteer at the Arthouse, a brilliant help on Thursday mornings.