Thursday, 24 January 2013

Starting Something New Onto Something Old.

In the photo below (Which is hard to see I know) are a couple of canvases that I had drawn a scene from a thought of a story from Itchycoo.  Mimi is sitting in the middle of a clearing singing, spreading her love, wishing for her rainbow seeds to grow - when she cries , they do blooming into giant flowers that morph into animals in Itchycoo. This was two years ago, where my final story has changed many a time - this is no longer relevant. I have kept the trees and the shape of the landscape and the idea of the rainbow colour, but Mimi, the animals and the flowers have long gone. Bottom layer base done, now for the top.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Art for Real or Faking it?

I Knew You Would Remember Me When…..

This is January's 1m x 1m tooth picked painting. 

What's it all about? I don't really know - It starts as a scribble finding balance and space that continues to grow similar to a doodle.  In painting abstract I feel a huge weight in the sense of theory and meaning of what it is or should be about.  Perhaps there is a guilt because it just is what it is and nothing more.  

As I managed to get it finished on the deadline of the Saatchi Showdown, Living with Colour I submitted it in. Usually I'm unaware of when it is on and it is not always that the theme is relevant to my work. As it is in time and fits - I may as well do it. 

This is where the theory comes in - As I need to write something about it . This is the fun bit almost like daydreaming where you pick your brain for the first thing that comes to mind and start brain storming. This is trying to analyse a picture after it has been painted and not by explaining how I have planned it to be or how it is represented. There is a fine line between the truth and making something up. 

This is how it starts:
I get the title just by looking- my eyes are drawn to the open space where the blue, yellow and lilac join just below the horizontal line almost like a vanishing point. (As in the detail above.) While I was looking at it I started to think of a platform and a train vanishing into the distance. The black tree felt like a person/ woman who was waiting or who had been left behind. Then I think of everything in black and white (but still see the red- like blood) I visualise a scene from an old film during the war full of emotion where the woman's husband has gone to fight for his country. 

I then think of their memories mixed with emotion.
I think about a piece of string that has knots in it - to remember important memories. This then became the twists swirls and circles. 

The circles reminded me of music a bit like a piano game that my kids play on the Ipad, you burst the bubbles, these then become pulses or a beat - almost like something remembered.

That's how I found the title:
I knew you would remember me when..... 

The brainstorming done I now have to emphasise the relevance of the theme:
Living with colour - This is what I put.

The colours speak a visual language, complimenting and repelling each other along an abstract journey of memories. Colour, form and rhythm flow freely echoing emotion while the swirls, ribbon twists and circles represent individual thoughts and memories remembered. 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Very Long Scenic Route Home in the Snow.

So after doing my short run circuit of 3 miles earlier I thought I would be friendly and do it again pulling a sledge with a lot of weight - Daisy, Iris rucksacks, work packs and clarinet.
It took 2 hours!! (With a lot of fun on the way)

 The Basingstoke Canal Bridge Barn - St Johns.

 SJohn's, Kiln Bridge

 Bewildered in the winter wonderland!

 St John's Lye

 Making Angels

 Hook Heath, Woking Golf Club, the pond

 Back home still out in it making a snowman....

Friday, 18 January 2013

The London Art Fair 2013 : The Oddities.

Something hairy...

Sorry for the lack of names and labels.
I do think these pictures speak for themselves.....

An ostrich in a class box and an owl with a butterfly as wings.....

Hello..... you look a little lost....

Whose teeth? Maybe the tooth fairy is artistic?

Battleships at dawn?


It's Snowing!

I'm sure my kids are not the only ones who feel cheated this morning as we woke up and look out of the window (for the 7-9cm of snow) and - nothing! However this may change as the day goes on. After a bitter cold snowy walk to school and run back home this is our garden at 9.30.

As for my Mum and Dad in Norway, they have probably had a meter already, with the difference of the country running smoothly where as we will soon be set for something in between chaos and grinding to a halt.

+3 Hours.
Now it's time to pick up the kids from school - early, to play in the snow.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

PREDICTING: The London Winter Weather.

At The London Art Fair in the Art Projects section Julia Vogl  presents her project PREDICTING - The London Winter Weather. With coloured ribbons referencing different types of weather, she invites us the fairs to participate in the project by making our own weather prediction for winter in London by placing a ribbon on the installation. The project aims at fostering a dynamic and deeper conversation about the mundane as well as collectively creating a beautiful visual spectacle in a public space of the fair.

We are asked to select a colour ribbon corresponding with your weather prediction and tie to a specific day.

The options are:
Not Raining, Pregnant Clouds, Ugg Warning, Moisturising Mist, Teasing Droplets, Blankets of Frost, Snow, Harassing Hail, Slushy Snow, Blizzard Blasts, Raining Like a Cow Relieving Itself, When will it End.

It doesn't come to a surprise that the public have used mostly green and blue, which represent:  Raining like a cow relieving itself - and- When will it ever end!

IF you go by the news reports it would suggest Yes!! 
There is a Blizzard Alert for tomorrow!! We will see. 


The London Art Fair 2013 : My Favourites.

Today I went to the London Art Fair, it's a great place to get inspired.

Paul Davis

Jenny Franklin

Jonathan Huxley

Mauro Bonacia 

Alf Lohr

Andy Stewart

Ponus Carle

Anna Barlow

Russel West 

Geoff Diego Litherland.

Cheryl Field.
Ipad prints

Ye Hongxing.
This was amazing made out of kids stickers. 
It's a little easier to see in the details below.

Klari Reis