Friday, 27 June 2014

Decadent Moonshine

Decadent Moonshine 

 At last I have finished! So now for the next - I'm thinking antlers......?
 Below shows the details: 

RA's Less Desirables...Is this ART?

Please excuse the crude cropping and the lack of labels.

War : Tim Shaw RA

Bob and Roberta Smith RA

Martin Creed, (£53,036 Edition of 3.)

RA Summer Exhibition 2014

As I have just about finished my own painting I thought I would go to see the establishment's representation of what is considered (good?) Art. Maybe it will inspire me for my next painting - maybe not. There were a few nice pictures although nothing really grabbed my eye and then there was the usual bit of the ridiculous.  

Below is a quick summary of what was there. 
Please excuse the crude cropping and the lack of labels.

Cake Man, Yinka Shonibare  RA £162,000 

Barbara Rae RA

Falling Water, Maurice Cockrill RA

Tulipmania Gordon Cheung

In the Sun, Born Over and Over: David Price

Tropical Monocle : Nicky Carvell

Dan Perfect

Portrush, Waves Crash : Natalia Black, and detail below.

Crystal: Karen Nicol

A Thaw : Katherine Jones

 Anthony Green RA

A Head full of flowers II : Anthony Green RA

Buddleia : Anthony Green RA

Last Poppies of Summer : Anthony Green RA

Car Park No 7: Jock McFadyen RA

Sirthe : Jock McFadyen RA

Leave the Fun on: Fiona Rae RA (£78,000 & detail below)

Lets Go: Fiona Rae RA

Snow Leopard: David Mach RA  (£21,000 - edition of 7)

Stolen Thunder II : Cornelia Parker RA