Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Pirbright Village Green

Groundkeeper Willie (made by Tim) -  I love him!!
 Iris most certainly doesn't!! Although braver than last year as she wouldn't get out of the car - not even to go to the swings on the other side of the green because she was that scared of the gruffalo. There was no convincing that it was fine it was only made of straw, she knew better as if we were not careful it would surely eat us up for tea!

 Maybe he had a few at The White Heart - looks like he's had a falling out with someone.

You wouldn't like to mess with him because if you look at the black bit on the green not too far from his nose - it's a rather large pair of black pair of shoes. I wouldn't like to know what happened to the owner!

My favourite, The Gruffalo (last year) Every year Pirbright hold a Scarecrow Festival unfortunatly I missed it. Below are a couple of pictures from last year and info on this year's - 
I'm not sure who is more excited- the kids or me? 

 On the other side of the green

 And just as we are leaving, a reception on the green.

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