Sunday, 8 September 2013

I Love You Inside Out

Yey!! Six weeks later and I'm done 150cm x150cm !!

 In detail.
My mum and the kids will be happy that I've included an Iris, as there are always daisies.

 The I Love You Inside  Out - Russian dolls hang as charms from the ribbon around the heart that also write the words.

  A chain with charms surrounds the edge with more ribbon and a daisy chain.

  The idea of the design comes from the Itchycoo story in the painting
 I Love You Inside Out Whoever You May Be - 
The Russian dolls guide Mimi through Itchycoo by making the ribbon into words, other clues are inside of them when the sometimes pop open. There is a boy (who we can see fishing) She can't see him but can hear his voice in her head, she knows him already. 

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