Monday, 22 August 2011

Print, Cut and Sellotape DIY Pattern: Poppy, Sunflower and Daisies

It has been a while since I have had time to do some of my own work again, school holidays don't give much time for that. I guess I'm feeling itchy so I  had a look at what I was up to before the end of term. I'm not getting the paints out (as I know what will happen if I do) but thinking about how it will work. I don't have Photoshop or Illustrator, so I am making do, the old fashioned way, by hand. The painting is far from done - no edges or dots but even with the first layer in you can get a feel of what is to come. (I'm also going to add some inked birds in, you may just see the outline at the top.) This was my mum's suggestion and although it is quite crude it does work. Print 4 images of your painting and stick them together. I have then inked a lines of stalks that would need to be added to pull it in together. In the meantime I can look forward to finish the picture and then get some help with the technical part later on. 

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