Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Merry Christmas Tree!

Without, then with more light.

 I used to be so proud of my Scandinavian looking Christmas Tree, all in glass, red and white with decorations collected from all around the world. Not anymore!! Although I do kind of like it in a chintzy kind of way. After a large box of my treasured collectibles smashed, I've let go - now anything and everything goes!! There are 6 sets of lights, as well as the usual white lights there are two sets that are of metal flowers another with fluffy pink daisies and just to finish off - a number line. Now it's all about colour - paper chains, pipe cleaners and beads.

 Here is the beautifully ghastly tree that made it on a skiing trip a couple of years ago, 
will it make it to the beach this year?
Our snowmen friends

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