Monday, 31 January 2011

The Flower Man

I was talking to Vicky a teacher friend of mine about my story of Mimi in Itchycoo. Where my animals, situations and landscapes are totally random I worry about - what the point of it is - . She told me the story doesn't need many words. In fact it is great when there aren't, because then the children can stretch their imagination and find their own story. 
She lent me this (almost) wordless picture book:

The flower Man, by Mark Lundy.
The foreword :
What happens when the Flower Man steps into a colourless World? Behind every window lies a different story in this unique wordless book. This is a tale of a humble man, full of life, his garden and his neighbours.
Enjoy getting to know the Uninspired Artist, the Bathtub Man, the Thief, the Lover, the Unloved Girl, the Snobs, the Wishing Boy and many others. - and of course the elusive squeakers on every page!

 The Flower Man gives readers a bird's eye view of a sad, lonely town where the residents are isolated in their homes and on the street. Finding a rundown house for sale, the Flower Man moves in and begins to repair it. Members of the community ignore him and move about the town. They remain grey as the Flower Man and his house are illustrated in colour.

Gradually the Flower Man has contact with different people, offering them flowers and bringing colour to their lives (and the illustrations). These people then touch the lives of those around them. Eventually, the whole town is brighter, both in colour and in attitude. The characters smile and share with each other and eventually the Flower Man moves on to another place.

It seems like such a simple and yet clever way to do a story. I'm sure this would work with Mimi in her  Land of Itchycoo. 

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