Thursday, 15 September 2011

I've Been Meaning to Show You ....Daniel Locke

Daniel Locke or Dan as I know him is a brilliant artist / illustrator with a passion for comic strips and story boards as you can see below. He is also another fellow art instructor at the Arthouse Meath who has helped me settle in. The Pattern above is one of my favourites!
Moshiri Ikkewe Chep Page Four
Moshiri Ikkewe Chep:  Page Four.
Dan's contribution to the Nobrow publication, 'A Graphic Cosmogony'.

Moshiri Ikkewe Chep Page Five
Moshiri Ikkewe Chep: Page 5 

Moshiri Ikkewe Chep Page Seven
Moshiri Ikkewe Chep : Page 7 

Green Fireball Page One

Green Fireball : Page One

Green Fireball Page Two
Green Fireball: Page Two
Green Fireball Page Three
Green Fireball : Page Three
The Arthouse
The Arthouse
I love this picture as it feels close and real, as I too experience this twice a week. 
If you like this illustration it is even better as a pattern-
check out in the background to Dan's blog. 

Self Portrait
Dan's Self Portrait

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