Monday, 19 September 2011

Ikea: To Love or To Loathe

Usually it's a male female thing where women love it and men hate it. Maybe it has something to do with the flat packing and putting together with little to no instructions with screws or bolts missing, not fitting or even left over. We have all been there. I am on the fence, can take it or leave it. However there is no denying the great simple Scandinavian bold design and there is always a bargain to be had, the trick is to mix and match well as to not look to not look like a set up manufactured room. (However at home I have been told that under no circumstances am I to buy anything from Ikea!) Ikea arrived in the UK in 1987, I  have fond memories of going to Ikea well before that visiting a store just outside of Oslo. It was the best shop ever because it had a huge ball soft play (way before they existed locally) and best of all a mile long (probably 8m) bank of ice cream in every colour and flavour you could imagine! 

 Funky fabrics

 Bubbly Bedding


 This one of my favourite lights! 
Although after the Artichoke light and the Arco lamp. 
It looks better alone within a home interior setting.

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