Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!! Trick or Treat?

 So half term has finished the kids should be back at school except they are not. It's an inset day and instead I have to go for a meeting. That can't be right can it. So Daisy and Iris have been Pumpkin making at Nana and Grandpa's. Daisy says that Mr Pumpkin is her new best friend and must absolutely stay in her room for a sleep over as he will be cold out on his own in the dark.  

 Over to Sal's with the gang to go trick or treating.
 Iris finds some new friends

 Poor Bex got hit with about 20 trick or treaters in one go. 

 The Halloween Line Up 

Sad to have missed a smashing boot camp this morning.

My sister in law Juliet and my niece Lily and nephew Jack looking gorgeous in LA 

 Some Halloween food I (didn't) make earlier!

And at The Arthouse Meath...

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