Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Houses in the Making.

This year we are having a Norwegian Christmas celebrating Christmas Eve. As it's the first year in our new house we thought we would decorate some paper mache houses with Christmas decoupage. I had other ideas, I was going to paint mine. Daisy pointed out that this wasn't fair, that I also had to stick, she then came up with the idea of printing out my pictures, cutting them up and sticking them on. 

Painting a snow white base layer
Sticking the roof

Merry Christmas!!
Getting there.
Iris's house on the left and the back of Daisy's on the right. Iris is almost done, Daisy needs to do the front of hers, I suppose I need to get on with the reindeer to, maybe at the weekend. 
We have all got the Russian Doll theme going on.
A sky blue base layer
Snip, snip!!
I'm quite quick, without the paint it feels like I'm cheating.
 I enjoy the gluing and I'm on a roll.

I can't help myself - White dots to pull it all together.
Iris found me some snowflakes and mushrooms.
This will the house that will start Mimi's story and journey in Itchycoo.

I love you inside out, written in red ribbon around the house.

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