Friday, 10 February 2012

The Scenic Walk Home From School.

The Basingstoke Canal, Woking

 After watching 3W's Alice and Wonderland Assembly the walk back home.
This is the route I usually jog back home, today I enjoyed the scenery with my camera instead.

 St John's Lye

 Woking Golf Club, Hook Heath.

 I've often seen deer in the wooded areas here, 
but I've never been quick enough to get a photo!

 Mid air!!

Love the shape of this tree.

These flames are huge!

 The road home would have looked prettier had it not been bin day!

What's left of last weeks snow men.


  1. beautiful! I love the twisted tree and the deer photos!

  2. I'd like to buy one of these photos - as a retirement present for someone who lives in St John's. Could you publish your contact details please Emma?