Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Troll Mail from Norway

It's an exciting morning as Daisy and Iris have received Troll mail from Norway. Not very often, when they least expect it.. there it is. 
It reads:   Dear Daisy and Iris, We hope you are enjoying your summer holidays. We are having great family fun trekking through the forests and squelching through waterfalls. Only yesterday we found ourselves a beautiful Hulder that had turned into a mermaid. 
Kjaere Troll venner folk fra Norge. XX

Here are some other postcards sent in the past by the Trolls of Norway

Daisy and Iris's Thank you to the Trolls, ice cold and frosty, chocolate cup cakes! Yum, guess they will be sent at bedtime...

Another happy start to the day, at last our sunflowers have a flower!

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  1. Sweden, actually. The artist is (or was - he is dead now) a swedish man named Rolf Lidberg and he made children's picture books, paintings, postcards and things like that. One of my favourite illustrators of all time.