Saturday, 30 July 2011

Family Painting : Abstract Graffiti

Before I had Iris I was heavily pregnant working as an art tutor at HMP Coldingly. I worked on a collaborative work with them that included nine 1m canvases. I liked it so much I started my own. However after Iris was born I couldn't face painting in this style this anymore so my four 1m version has sat in the garage with half it's base layer. A year later I realised I was very influenced by this project, looking at how the illustrative images (with the help of a tattoo artist) mixed with the abstract pattern and how the canvas could be left smooth or thick with dots. That is how my Itchycoo pictures came about. Now working as an art instructor at The Arthouse Meath one again I am seeing new ways of painting. My art works in layers in part there can be anything between 3- 8 layers within the details. At the Arthouse Meath  all their art work is made up of layer upon layer of paint, so much so it only gives a glimpse of what it was revealing a story of what it has become. So I thought that the kids and I could learn something from trying the same.

My Collaboration with the Art class at HMP Coldingley.

Helterskelter Hurricane

Trailer Park Eden

The start of my own hanging garden that was going to mix two previous paintings of mine, 
Combining 4 canvases at 1m x1m each
Trailer Park Eden and Helterskelter Hurricane.

Don't forget your bike!

I Like this - unfortunatly we didn't see when to stop - 
(wait for our next posting) 

(A little secret - learn to quit when you are ahead-)

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