Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Artbox, Urban Design Magazine!

Edition 12, January & February 2011

Sculptor: Nick Van Woert
Eclipse. I love this - I just want to touch it!


Petra Stefankova
A London based, Slovakian born illustrator and art director.

Dottie West

Broken up

If you would like to send your art work to:
I will be sending some of Mimi in the Land of Itchycoo.
Below are the ones that made it into this edition.

Architect/Street Artist: This is My World.

Graphic Design: Justin Blyth

Microsoft Kin

(Something Magritte?) Le Mystere

Graphic Design: Geo Law
Alice in Wonderland

The Bowery Pillar 

Fright Night: Werewolf  : Victor Aleman


Mark Landwehr / Coarse
Product Designer Mark Landwehr with Coarse. A Double act of German creatives who merge together Eastern and Western aesthetics to produce stunning visual and complex characters, in both print and sculptured form.

Artist: Tomoo Gokita
Slash and Thrust  (Something Dali in there?) 

Freize 08

Awful Manners.
 I Like this it reminds me of Fiona Rae's earlier work, although I don't like the title.

Flower Arrangement.

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  1. Hi Emma, the Artbox magazine is no longer available and I would love to have a copy, can I buy it from you if you still own it? :D Petra