Thursday, 26 November 2009

Emma Hill, "Lucid Moonlight, Liquid Sun" 1m x 1m
This is my the first painting I did that made me realise that I had a direction to go somewhere with my painting.

Emma Hill, "Pink Sock Soda Pop" 1m x 1m
This is the second, which was inspired by a Paul Smith Ad that has a pink sock on a rug that has stripes on the side. It also looks like Mickey Mouse is visiting although this is purely by accident.

Emma Hill, "Trailer Park Eden" 1m x 1m
One of my favourites with a hint of a landscape behind

Emma Hill, "Falling Leaf Caresses" 1m x 70cm
This one is inspired by - dare I say it an Ikea rug!

Emma Hill, "Sticky Sublime" 1m x 70cm

Emma Hill, "Helterskelter Hurricane" 2m x 2m
Moving along the lines of noise

Emma Hill, "Subtropical Storm Chaser" 2.5m x1m
Chasing the sea into the eye of the storm

I started a blog a year ago, and didn't get very far. I am hoping maybe this time I will keep up with it! Above are some examples of my previous works.

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