Friday, 16 July 2010

We have been doing one of those dreaded jobs at home, clearing out the garage. How I hate it, but I guess it needed to be done. It's funny all the things you find that have slipped your mind, forgotten waiting to revisit and come out again. Below I found my one and only 'mood' book/sketch pad from 2000. I called it 'Culture Vulture.' It's full of colour and texture for inspiration.

It looks like this was the only page I used. The above advert is a Paul Smith one, I used it for this painting, the second picture I did to sell. I remembered I used the advert but I had forgotten that I had the sketch which you can see as a stylised plant. I had also forgotten that I decided that it looked much better the opposite way to to how I intended - upside down! I called it "Pink Sock, Soda Pop" (except the sock looks more like a tongue) I wanted there to be a link between the painting and were it started from. (It's sold- not living in my garage)

A story with no name, no beginning, no end or plot.  No idea of what it's all about. 

 The adventure starts after the boy has been sent to his room. For whatever reason he has been sent there for, the consequences turn it into an ocean. He becomes a pirate and finds an Island making some friends along the way. For some reason he is eaten by a lion, why? I'm uncertain. Half of the book is missing as is all the text. So I guess you can make your own story up. I think it's 1996/7

Talking of stories I am beginning to miss My Land of Itchycoo. So as promised I am slowly getting back into it and have started off with a couple of sketches. 

I thought my Itchycoo Daisies could do with a bit of 50's retro!

I just had to add this in at the end, Obviously not by me but of Giles and me. It's sad it's had it's first outing out of the cupboard to get a photo, just to be returned. It's vile and yet just can't be thrown away. It was a gift from my uncle Einar, who was living in Phuket, running Scandinavian Divers at the time. 

On the back he has written, "Dear Giles! Thank you so much for more than meeting my requirements set for Emma's future husband! Even since she was a child, I said that I had to evaluate and approve the boy before she would be allowed to marry anybody. All the best to both of you ! Lots of love Einar."
After six weeks in Thailand I think everyone was surprised when we came back and said we were getting married.

Well done Daisy for doing so well as the 'Little Red Hen' in the end of term Stage Coach production. X

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