Friday, 28 January 2011

-15 degrees, Paradise Beach, Bygdøy Oslo.

Just in case anyone missed the lovely photo's my mum took last week at Paradise Beach, Bygdøy - she has taken more and they look even better. I love this place, somewhere my parents take their - power walks - most days, but for Daisy and Iris it's where we go searching for Trolls, finding the remains of many that have burst in the light of the sun. Finding their homes and even their schools while always close to the real thing.

I love the rainbow in the ray of sunshine!
So dreamy!
 A couple of friends.

 And Songsvann
 Where else could you make a bonfire and leave all your bags and then go for a ski trip?

And in the city.
 (Flink's photo, very clever for a dog!)
He even made himself  a snow sculpture!

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