Sunday, 20 March 2011

Abstract: Failing, Trying and Getting It!

I found this nice brush in the garage, Giles has just bought it to paint the garage floor. 
Think I will use it first and then add some pasta. (What was I thinking...)
The scribble/ doodle /sketch
(looking for balance in shape and pattern)

Canvas 1:
 Base layer
Using the thick brush to building up

Adding dots
More mess
So many hours later scrub off and start again
New base layer.

Canvas 2
Paint - free style
Add thick brush
Quickly give up -scrub off -  start again
 Sketch on top , play with the shape that doesn't scrub off and use again
The orange is Iris's shape - usually I would take it away, this time I will keep it there!

New Base layer for second canvas.

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