Sunday, 13 March 2011

Vigeland Park Blizzard

At last my winter Oslo trip posts have come to an end, not bad for over a thousand pictures in 5 days. Without a doubt I have saved the best for last. In fact I think that this is my favourite post to date. It's no surprise that it is of my favourite park as I have posted it enough saying so. Somehow it doesn't feel like I have gone home - to home (in Oslo) If I haven't gone to the park which is at the end of the road where my parents live. Just before leaving to go back to the UK we had a little time to spare and it seemed a good idea to give the girls a good run around before the flight.  I had thought the weather was so bad there was little point taking any pictures but I couldn't have been more wrong.

 I had twenty minutes to run over the bridge and on up to the monolith and back again, all the while trying to see, and take pictures. It was very quiet and almost eerie but it felt magical in a very subtle way.  It felt raw and powerful and yet emotional which was emphasized by the snow and ice.

Some happy tourists happy to pose.

My tourist friends again.

Above: I love this photo, it's beautiful, so atmospheric how the stone has a sheet of ice covering part of the bodies while the warmth of the granite peeks thr.

Luckily Mofa was on hand to take the girls for a run around.

And in the summer

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