Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Inspired By : Klaus Haapaniemi

One of my favourite artist/ illustrator designer's without a doubt is Klaus Haapaniemi. From Finland his work is full of folklore and 'magic', reminding me of my Scandinavian roots.  It is quirky and whimsical but slightly odd and yet looks lush and beautiful. His style is so versatile looking equally good on the wall, on fabric products in a children's book or in Vogue.  I often look to see what he has been up to and was delighted to see his new work- It's great!!

Klaus Haapaniemi & Mia Wallenius designed a series of home accessories for Established & Sons launched in Milan 2011 exhibition at Versace Theatre 12.4.2011. Volcano Rug, Mammoth Tapestry and Meteor Ottoman are influenced by natural history, Finnish folklore and crafts. 15th century tapestry technique is embellished with vivid hand embroidery on the Mammoth and Meteor, Volcano is hand tufted layering higher piles and outlining elements to give life to the universe within the pieces.

Klaus Haapaniemi for Iittala from his Taika series.


This is Klaus Haapaniemi's  new pattern for Iittala called Korento. 


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