Thursday, 4 August 2011

More from In the Studio of The Arthouse Meath

 Beautiful patterns for a base layer

 Masking tape is used to keep the bridge's edge clean

 John, Dom, volunteer Vikki, Emma and Michael

 Group painting: Building up layers graffiti style working with mark making. 

Above: There is an outline of a bike where you can just make out the wheels spokes. On top the patches of white are 50% reduced photocopied images from the their sketchbooks that have image ready pasted on top. Next week this will be washed off leaving the individual sketches poking through. In the centre is Helen's sunflower.

Below: This was an old canvas of stencilled leaves. Instead of painting over the original design it has been left underneath. There is a couple in red who have their arms around each other , however looked in another way the heads could appear to be the eyes to a face.

 A Sketch by Lyn that has carbon paper underneath so as to transfer onto the canvas. 

 The exciting bit - peeling off.

Aircraft by Grace: Could these be be put together to become a new design?

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