Monday, 11 February 2013

Mimi and Itchygritt.

 It has been a while..... So I have been backwards and forwards on an idea of a couple of picture books of Mimi in Itchycoo where she meets a troll called Itchygritt.  It has been something that has been changed many times in the past 4 years but has been left on the shelf ready to go for at least three months. So I thought - It is now or never! It's all there, it's just the getting on to start that is the hard bit. Now I have it doesn't feel too overwhelming. Above is the start of the beginning pages where Mimi and the Troll are in colour while everything else is black and white. When they find themselves in Itchycoo the pages are in full colour. 

 It's trying to snow here.
At the bottom of our garden you can just make out Daisy and Iris's wooden house - 
You can also just see something similar in the drawing where Mimi runs to her favourite place on earth!
 So I've got the sketches and I've cut the text and glued it on.
Now I'm trying to put it all together -
 This is slightly different - 
More like a wordless picture book where children can make the own stories encouraging creative thinking and writing. There will be a glossary and a list of questions to help the creative juices flow!

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