Monday, 4 February 2013

Speak Little Black Sheep!

Sometimes accidents or mistakes can result in positive outcomes.
 - Everything happens for a reason, (My mum would say) 
Even if it is very differcult to see or understand at that moment in time.

 This painting is spontaneous as pattern and shape come into play by little more than a doodle. There are no plans, it just happens. Now that it's done I like to look, to try and find what it is I can see, similar to how you  search for shapes in the clouds. The trees were there before from an old picture of Mimi in Itchycoo where she was sitting waiting for her rainbow seeds to grow and they do, when she cries and her tears nourish the soil. There is a hint of this in the acid bright colour but also from the shape of the zig zag red / pyramid which echoes the shape of the bend in from Mimi's legs, the red that was her dress and her tears that have now become a waterfall. In the right hand corner it looks like an eye - big brother is watching! Above this are figures of eight's that are entwined that look like music. A little higher up is the mistake. The paint seperated and started to drip, normally this would have been painted over but I decided it will stay because it reminded me of a lost little black sheep. Following the dark blue that almost arcs away from it there is a sharp blue zig zag. This reminds me of a side profile of  a beak belonging to Donald Duck- the ark becomes his voice as he speaks on behalf of the little sheep. I then came onto thinking how there is often a black sheep in the family and this is telling that person to be strong, stand up and believe in yourself. The sheep  is also hidden and insignificantly small. That's how I got my title.

Here are some details.
Here you can see the side profile of a beak that arcs up to little black sheep.

Big brother watching!

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