Thursday, 28 February 2013

Stop Making Excuses and Avoiding the Issue - Start With Red.

Today, like Monday I am trying to do anything but this - 
The excuses are endless.
Here are some of them.

I'm just looking for some inspiration on the computer.
I'm just waiting for the kettle to boil again as my tea has now gone cold.
Daisy has taken all the pencils to school- I can't do it then, -
Oh yes the one and only pencil left in the house is by the computer.
I need to clear my paints to use the dinning room (I do but that is a week away)
I see something about paper cutting, I then need to do more research - because that is what I should be doing or I would like to do,  I then buy a book on it anyway (despite trying 3 years ago, failing miserably)
I need to think and work out another story.
(Secretly I wish it would make me tidy up instead - but it hasn't - yet.)
The painting part is too much and too hard

So - Someone said to me yesterday, just get on with it there are no excuses - just do it the easiest possible way. It is true of course and so I have started with red and now I've started it doesn't seem so much, so hard or overwhelming.

Now for the next colour, yellow.

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