Sunday, 6 June 2010

While I've been looking at pattern I thought that it would be a good idea to look at my own things. Being cabin crew was handy for visiting so many exhibitions worldwide but also for collecting, which became a great passion of mine.

A collection of elephants.

A very large carved seed with carved elephant detail from a small market in Nairobi

A much smaller seed. Giles got this from the Seyshells. It has numbers within the illustration that correspond to a story that has been writen on the bottom around the edge.

A didgeridoo from Australia

A marriage or ceremonial apron worn by the Ndbele tribe, I found this in a Ndbele village not so far from Johannesburg.

I found this in Singapore although it originates from Sumatra. It's a ceremonial basket used to hold gifts of textiles or food.

I found this in an old Bazar in Turkey.

I was given this on my 30th birthday. I had it in my bedroom at home from when I was 10 and always liked it. It's an old prayer rug.

A little vanity box I found in a market in Beijing. I use it to put my spare change into. I like the hinges butterfly shape.

These are original antique floorboards that have been hand carved from Thailand.

These are made out of antique ceramonial saris. The details are cut from the cuffs and edges. They are Indian, however trying to find them in India proved rather differcult. These were found in Thailand.

Looking at pattern in Daisy and Iris's things.

Painted china animals by Daisy and Iris, poor Dinosaur has only got one eye.

A side detail of their wigwam, with a mesh window and a pocket containing a couple of kaleidoscopes.

Daisy calls this the 'toy blanket,' I made this when they were little, there were ribbon and tags going all the way around but have since been pulled off. The rabbit is Daisy's oldest friend My- He got his name by Daisy not quite grasping the word mine.

This was my mobile that is now in Daisy's room, the background is an old painting of mine that she liked because of the rainbow colours and colour. It has also saved me from having to paint a rainbow over the wall. Maybe one day, just not today!

When I was at school, all those years ago there was a huge marble craze. You would play to win the best. People would gather in groups just to see who had the best and then occasionally somebody would throw some. There would be a mad scramble just to get that one prized marble. We must of looked like mad ants from above.

Are they daisies or fried eggs?

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