Thursday, 3 June 2010

Mummy and Daddy as flower people, getting married under a rainbow beside a pink giant Daisy, by Daisy and Iris.

My Ikea rug and cushion. Last year I made a photo book of the kids, I had forgotten how keen and desperate they are for any possible photo opportunity. Now I've got my camera out again they are muzzling in on it. When I need to take photo's of my artwork, should they be around I am only able to get the image I want after I have taken the photo with them presenting it. If I don't they jump in and out of the frame or wave their hands in front of the lens so it becomes an easy compromise. I get my photo only after they get theirs.

Recently I've been looking at vintage and retro pattern and prints, which then made me think I should re-visit my roots, back to Norway and take a closer look at Scandinavian design.

Unfortunately I don't have much, a couple of rugs and cushions from Ikea and this sad old stool. I think you can just make out a couple of circles that make the base of a flower as part of the 'Rosa Maling.' Luckily my sister has a little more. My favourite tin, for as long as I can remember. It was originally used as a Christmas hamper tin containing smaller tins of sardines by Chr Bjelland and Co, in Stavanger, which you can see in the detail.

A child's bonard worn on Norwegian National Day and for other special occasions

My kid's shop. The wigwam is the bakery if you hadn't have guessed, they have decorated it with beads and christmas baubles. My culture and literature books have become the backdrop.

After seeing some great colourful shelves in Cath Kidson I have taken a photo of my shelves, mostly of art books that I have collected worldwide during my 10 years of visiting art exhibitions during my time with British Airways. While most people sort their books out according to author or subject, I do mine by colour.

Kath Kidson's shoes

I love these shelves in Kath Kidson, the bright colours and childhood treasures

We went to Guildford today to get some new bedlinen. I had thought that I would get the Orla's stem pattern, what did we come back with, the Daisies. Who rules the roost in our house?

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