Wednesday, 2 June 2010

In Pirbright looking for trolls and Daisy finds The Gruffalo!

Nana and Grandpa, Daisy and Iris go fishing at Abinger Hammer.

While the girls and grandparents go fishing, I went to London to meet Kay.

I love this painting, it has to be one of my favourites, a true original Aboriginal without dots. It's such a shame that it is in Kay's living room and not mine!

Wishing us well on our way?

A fantastic view, full of contrast, the old Tower Bridge to the modern skyscraper's behind, with the water homes of barges below. The Thames brings it all together.

Still along by the river, just after the bridge is The Design Museum. Outside of which is this beautiful display of acid coloured vessels.

I've just managed to squeeze a hint of the bridge in the background.

A glorious day, down by Tower Bridge meeting the 'Elephant Friends,' Wow I love them!!

There are over 250 of the giant beasts that invade the capital’s streets in a huge public art exhibition aiming to raise money for elephants throughout the world. The model elephants in London are part of the Elephant Parade, organised by the Elephant Family charity that have set up similar events throughout the world in an effort to raise awareness of the plight that faces many of our big-eared friends. Each of the model elephants in London will be the size of an adolescent elephant, and will be decorated by an artist or celebrity to make them look the part for the Elephant Parade itself. The 250 plus model elephants in London will then be auctioned off at Sotheby’s as the Elephant Family charity attempt to raise as much money as possible so that these beautiful and exotic creatures continue to stomp around the globe.

It takes me back to my cabin crew days searching for cows in America and Canada.

This one had bubbled windows

Inside you can see a plan of the display.

Kay noticed that if you look at those who take their photo beside an elephant they always seem to be drawn to one that matches their clothing. These two had gone a step further by spray painting their hair pink, just like this spray canned elephant.

My favourite, for obvious reasons.

I liked this, it was written on a white board in the tube station where info on train delays would usually be put. Guess it was a good sign.

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