Wednesday, 2 June 2010

This is Daisy's first painting. I see it as a man juggling. It's funny to think that back then my paintings were more abstract, also covered in circles. Maybe it wasn't so much of a surprise that her first word was picture. A little strange you would think until you realised how many times she heard it. Mummy's picture - look- it was one of the ways I could calm her down, to stop the screaming. That and walking up and down the stairs, bouncing up and down on a fitness ball and driving, I think that sends all babies to sleep!

What is left from a nice deserved marble cake break. Except the making is not quite so relaxing as mixture is slapped all over the place.

Daisy's swirly whirly magic wormy - who luckily has not yet made it over to my paper.

During the last couple of weeks I have been experimenting with pattern using my flower motifs and dots.

And at last MORE SPACE!

A pretty spray - pre dots. Sill in need of more space.

Trying to get some space, and simplify.

While we, my kids and I paint I take a photo of some old paintings of Daisy's that are stuck onto the fridge.

Daisy and Iris's joint attempt.

After yet another attempt to paint a pretty spray of watercolour flowers, I gave up in disgust, In fustration I scribbled or attacked another piece of paper, added a few dots and this is what happened.

Suprisingly the details are quite effective.

Which takes me back to picking daisies with Daisy- a daily ritual after school - all for the chain. That leaves me with the leftovers to dot!

And ...Buttercups! Do you like butter?

This is Daisy's, she told me that the daisy chain trail is the path to take to get to the magic forest. The swirls can help guide you on the way, you know that this is right because they are the same swirls that can be found on Cinderella's coach. ???

Dotty Daisies, in paint.

Daisies in ink.

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