Saturday, 12 June 2010

I had a great night out at Quaglinos for Amanda's Hen night. As I was at Green Park I had hoped to bump into Kay's favourite elephant which has been painted as if it's submerged in water. Unfortunately I missed it - maybe I came out of the wrong exit. I was early so I thought I would take a wonder up to the Royal Academy. There is a courtyard in front so surely an elephant could sneak it's way in. To my delight there wasn't an elephant in sight, instead I had walked into a mad hare's jamboree of sorts. I had forgotten that The Summer Exhibition is on, I'm looking forward to go and visit another day.

This reminded me of my paintings in Itchycoo Land were the 'Habbits,' (horses that have merged into rabbits) escape from a carousel. I feel inspired! A great starting point for something to work on.

Crossing the road to Fortnum and Mason.

Sweets in the window! The same photograph but such a different feel, changing by chance in the reflection. The one below is like an odd self portrait, you can just about see me in the middle tear of the chocolate fountain, while the lower tear becomes a nice big skirt.

Anyone for tea?

Eventually I did find an elephant who had found a friend.

I wore an LBD with this detail at the bottom. Below are my charm bracelets that I often wear together. The silver one was a gift from my sister in law Juliet. The gold one has a mix of charms that I have collected and gifts that I have been given from when I was a little girl. The Amethyst was from my Mommo's earrings, she had them made into pendants to give to both me and my sister. Most of the charms originate from the 1960's.

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