Thursday, 29 July 2010

50's fashion and My Daisies!

Back to painting, while thinking of working backwards. By that I mean to break up my paintings by looking at individual motifs to see how they might work on their own in a pattern. Almost like a study for a painting except the painting has already been done.  

I always find getting back into painting is hard after I have left it a while... Settling down to paint at the kitchen table I've got my green tea beside me (that usually gets dipped into instead of water, to clean my brush.) I have squeezed the paint onto my plate of colour stacks, (I add the same colour on top of dried up acrylic paint that have then become towers of paint.) and then.....  No Titanium White- the cap was off, the tube dried up, I am not happy! Great, any other colour I may have been able to get away without. So I had to go to the shop. 
Conveniently I am easily distracted, I can not walk past a book section without taking a quick look. Today,  I'm sure I heard a book whisper, 'Buy Me,' so of course I did. Its a fantastic book:

 Pepin,Fasion,Textile and patterns of the 1950'sAlthough I do like today's (generated computer perfect) pattern, there is something special and simply beautiful in hand drawn design. 


Almost. As I'm looking at the 1950's  I had to just add a few images of one of my favourite textile designers back in the time, Lucienne Day

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