Thursday, 1 July 2010


 While I was taking a BA in Art History and Scandinavian Studies at the University of East Anglia I was conveniently living opposite the Art Collage. I then began to take life drawing classes twice a week spending 6 hours studying and drawing the human body. I did this for two years, not that you could ever tell from the standard of my drawing. What I lack in precisions I like to think I gain in technique. The truth be told it's a cover up to not being able to draw! I often think if you want to get a better image you may as well use a camera. In all that I am unable to do in a picture I exaggerate,  I use the feeling of awkwardness to build distorted and exaggerated form that becomes enhanced by elongated limbs.  I see these nudes as reflecting hard raw emotion. They are built up by violently slashing graphite and pencil that becomes slashed again by a rubber, this builds the depth within the form and yet the overall final image appears tender and soft. 

 The first two images are all that I have left, the first is drawn on two pieces of A1, the one below is just one sheet of A1. (Strangely it is the only time in my life that I have used an easel)
I guess they were done in 1994/5

I like this (Above) also from my Uni days, it's a mono transfer print - a ten minute study. I came across this picture again about 4 years ago, It prompted me to do the series below using the same technique. 2006/7?

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