Thursday, 1 July 2010

Greeting card illustrations, some more images found on my old hard drive. These are 1997/ 98. Amongst general greetings you can recognise the familiar scenes of Birthday Wishes, Moving Home and Christmas. While I have had the past 10 years of dots, back then it was all swirls and waves. I think I was very much influenced by Van Gogh's starry nights and deep swirly blue sky's. I've cheated a little as I have re- worked a similar elephant and some flamingos in a small Itchycoo  painting.

This is 'Rainbow City Sunshine' 2006, a brief escape from dots and abstract work.

Continuing to play with colour on a seascape.

This is one of my favorite paintings for purely sentimental reasons as I finished it the day Daisy was born. It is one of the reasons why Daisy got her name, that and being put into the Daisy ward in Guildford, before then she was going to be Tyler, It was going to be the same name for being either a girl or boy. 

Today was Sports Day, yet another photo opportunity for Daisy to pose for! I promised I would put a couple in. I think the sack race is always a favorite.

Meanwhile Iris takes up the sport of ice cream eating! Yum Yum!

 And for something totally different courtesy of Kay,  at last she has sent me an image of her comic cuts, montage work! A letter holder, (Still waiting for the coffee table and others!) I love it - so tongue in cheek, just look at the speech and slogans:

'I've no room for any more trophies Rachel, we'll need a bigger house if this goes on.'
'What a night, I thought the haunting would never stop.'
'Well I don't think she's playing truant she's been improving in reading and writing and she's been as keen as mustard.'
'Oh for goodness sake.'
'But it will be quite hard won't it Brenda?'
'Someone will have to teach the girl how to behave.'
'Oh crumbs, I haven't eaten so much in ages , oooh!'
'I can't believe it! All my problems are solved thanks to Mr Chung and his takeaway.' 
'Here is where I make a good impression.'
'Some of my best friends are cats.'

So here is the back (side)

 The backdrop is of character's playing tennis, they suggest that one day they may be good enough to play Wimbledon. Dotted about on top are items of clothing complete with tabs to wrap around a scantily clad young lady, Bunty? in her underwear. She stands suggestively beside a recipe as if she was presenting it. I like that her panties have been censored with a cutting stretched across her and the recipe saying: 'Go on - do someone a good turn today!' I can't see due to the flash what the recipe is for, however I'm guessing flapjacks as there is golden syrup and rolled oats. My favourite point within the recipe is the last, which states: at number '9. Arrange nicely on a paper doily!' 

Meanwhile a  parallel story starts to unwind where Bunty is seen freezing cold after being locked out. 

Then her dog joins in.
And Buster gives a doggy grin, as if to say, "You can't come in!" Now he's the one who is nice and warm , while BUNTY'S left out in the storm.
Almost in payback a further illustration has a poster that reads - NO DOGS, it says: 'And while she has a snack to eat her pet must shiver in the street.'

Keeping up the humer, Kay has also sent me this great photo of herself, obviously I couldn't resist adding it in! Er ... I have to admit I didn't see it at first... 'Dumb!' ( not dump!) 

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