Monday, 4 October 2010

London Design Week 2010, The London Craft Fair, Origin at The Old Spitalfields Market.


Waller Hewett

Sarah Thirwel

Wycliffe Stutchbury

An amazing, beautiful chair by Yard Sale Project 

Stephen Johnson

Sweet wrappers!! Joanne Tinker

Hanne Rysgaard

John Moore

Claire Brewster

Janine Partington

Debbie Smyth

Jasmin Rowlandson

Louise Greenfield
This reminds me of aboriginal art and of my abstract paintings

Claire Loder

Betty Pepper, Sewing, Cut out and Lace.

Guy Bird

Sarah Morpeth

Sculls and Roses? 
Anja Lubach Ceramics

Lowri Davies

Fenella Elms Ceramics

Alison Wiloughby, her decorative display below was quite funky.

Esther Coombs

Abigail Brown

Lauren Van Helmond

Rebecca J Coles


Glass Cathedrals

 The caption reads: 'Yes, you look fabulous" 
(er not sure on that one)

 All The Days
 The World is a scary place but I have armbands.
 God's View. 

 Helen Beard

 Lok Ming Fung

 Kay can do better!
 The Owl and the Pussycat went to....
Hannah Turner Ceramics

Shan Annabelle Valla

Tweet Tweet, 

If you would like to see more info on The London Craft Fair Origin, visit here.

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