Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Lightbox meets an Alien, Woking.

 The view over the other side of the bridge.

 Cross the road and you meet an alien. 

Why Woking ?
Some useless facts.
Woking is famous for being The Jam's Paul Weller's home town.
It is also famous for H.G.Wells who lived in Woking and used it in the setting for his book, The War of The Worlds.
Woking is also known for having Brookwood Cemetery, the largest in the UK.
Anything else, I wouldn't know.

  The War of The Worlds. 
The narrator sees what looks like a meteor from out of space landing on Horsell Common. (Just around the corner from here.) Its discovered that the object is a space-going artificial cylinder launched from Mars. The cylinder opens, disgorging the Martians: bulky, tentacled creatures that begin setting up strange machinery in the cylinder's impact crater. A human deputation moves towards the crater and is incinerated by an invisible ray of heat. If you are interested in more follow the link here. Better still read the book!

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