Friday, 5 November 2010

Art, Culture Vulture: Travels of an Art Seeker. A Glimpse into my Cabin Crew Days.

  Instead of going to Art School I spent ten years travelling as British Airways cabin crew. During this time I made it my mission to seek out art, visiting art galleries and museums worldwide. Instead of painting I took photo's and wrote, recording my findings into a book that became,  Art Culture Vulture: Travels of an Art Seeker. (My Diary, in response to my favourite books at that time: Art Crazy Nation, Blimey and It Hurts - all written by Mathew Collings) Unfortunately back then digital cameras weren't around. So I have mountains of photographs,  somewhere, in the loft with no idea of where the negatives are. Below are a few pictures that had been scanned onto my old hard drive. One day I hope to get around to sorting them all out!

  My painting style is unique to me- but also reflects the diverse cultural differences in the art that I saw back then, influencing and helping me to my shape my own art today.

The Ndebele Women, Boshabelo. South Africa. 


Hong Kong
Tha Hakka Ladies of Kam Tin


Sawara Matsuri Festival of Suwa Shrin





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