Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Start of a New Set of 4 Itchycoo Petites.

After the New Year I will be starting on a 1m x 2m semi abstract work, it will have a little Itchycoo landscaping in there and maybe a little of what I used to do. It feels like a while, a couple of months since I have had my paint brushes out, so until then I'm working on a new set of 4 Itchycoo Petites. So below you can see my 10 second sketches. I love that they are so awful, but strangely it is all I need as it is just about finding balance, space and composition. 

The mushrooms have overgrown like trees, some have eyes that wink at you, others are homes to  the inhabitants of Itchycoo.
 There is a fox there- very hard to tell, more of a quaver crisp, with Mimi. 
Here I'm thinking of The Little Red Hen with Foxy Loxy, except  my red hen is more of a white duck or maybe a goose.

I've used the tiger before, and he is one of my favourites, here the owl has grown and the tiger shrunk, to become great friends - The owl and the Pussy Cat.

My paintings usually have 4-5 layers. It's all a bit of a mess to start with.
Here is the beginning of the sky- it becomes a little easier to see whats going on. 
I do a double painted layer, followed by white outlines and black edges.
 Then the dots come in, sometimes alone sometimes as a double or triple layer.

What's fun about these pictures, at least I'm having fun trying to work it out, is that they all link together in a line. That is easy, what's not so easy is to change the order of the pictures and for them still to work in sequence. 

 I'm not to worried as the sketch above was the start of the painting below. 

Somewhere Beyond the Sweet Milk Mountain.

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