Thursday, 18 November 2010

A trip to the Dentist.

I always hate the idea of going to the dentist, luckily the dentist I have is great and very understanding - Christine Osborne in West Byfleet. However it is always pleasurable looking at the walls or to see what is hanging from the ceiling or hiding in a corner.

Dr. Dent.

Dotted and brought back from Cuba, 

I'm told clocks are good, even better when they are set at different times!

This is a painting I always look forward to see, unfortunately this image doesn't do it justice. The depth in the detail and texture within the paint gets lost in a photograph.
 I was even more impressed when Christine told me it was by her sister Jenny Hall.

More pictures by Jenny 
 You can see me in the still life!
 Hiding on a back wall
 Iris by H. Geiser

 Fun boxes with sticker treats for kids.

White clean teeth!!

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