Monday, 22 November 2010

Chocolate by the Old Bald Man!

Karen, a friend of mine has reciently moved to Sydney and went to a fab hot chocolate cafe, Max Brenner. This morning she sent me some images, thinking I may like them. I love them! It's almost uncanny to see / read the similarities between Max's chocolate catologue and my art  my work: 
Somewhere beyond the Sweet Milk/chocolate mountain/s
Mushrooms, jellyfish, daisies etc

In a far away land beyond the chocolate mountains and across the toffee seas.....
Excitement filled the air as the festival of the chocolate dragon got off to a riotous start...
"Play me a lullaby", bubbled the Angel fish, to her melody-making webbed footed lover...
"In this Garden"Said Mrs Cat, as she tripped along with candy coated umbrella held high,
"Imagination is the key to happiness!"
The lanterns burned brighter and brighter fuelled by pure chocolate energy.
"It's a magic case, explained the gnome, "all you need, will be found within"
"I believe!" shouted the little boy. " In the sweet magic of love"
Blue Jays in pinafores and wood pigeon dandies....
no expense was spared as they flocked to the king's ball.
.....And the parade was indeed something to behold!
"There is no such thing as too much chocolate," whispered the flowers to each other.
Liquorice tentacled jelly fish floated wispily through the ocean sugar clover....
Of course fish can fly! Can't you?
The road leading to the castle was paved with thick chocolate bricks.

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