Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Arthouse Meath in the Studio Wk 19/07

The beginning of many layers that will become abstract graffiti

Thursday morning class busy working hard. 

There has been loads of printing work going on for orders.
Tea towels, cards, prints and notebooks.

Woof Woof!!

The perfect fold!

Adapting a screen for a tea towel to make a print. 
Here the centre is blocked to allow for another colour. 

Sorry I forgot your birthday. I'd like to send you a gift voucher. I'd like to take you out to the theatre or out for a drink, anywhere fish and chips and chinese food.

Notebooks ready to go

The card colour chart for printing

I wish men would have babies

Lyn Belcher

Laura Tregellas

Boogie Lounge Nightclub Bar and Dancing!!
 Seb Bennett

Sarah January

Past group works, Graffiti Style

Martia's colour pallet.

My try, working out a colour scheme.

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