Sunday, 3 July 2011

Last Night I Dreamt.......

I was in Africa it was hot and muddy there was a big tree where my car - Volvo estate was waiting. As we get closer I see there is a snake, yellow red and black stripes - it has just hissed at a dog which runs off. Daisy runs screaming and gets into the car. I turn around and see that Iris has a stick and is playing with it. Just as I shout to her to run, to get out of it's way it has jabbed at her stinging her in the mouth. I feel sick and scared thinking she could die, I don't know if it is poisonous or not, but her mouth could swell and block her airways anyway. I bundle her in the car and try to find a hospital. In Africa it could be the next town. I'm full of angst and panic while tears roll down my cheeks.

It's ice cold I'm at Nansenskolen, Lillehammer, Norway. It is snowing and I have never seen so much snow. At the edge of the road the snow has piled up to about 12ft . I'm sure I've just seen sponge bob slide down it. Its moving out day. I'm leaving to go home but I'm trying to find all my things. I have to go to other peoples room to find stuff that I have lent out or just left. Some people are laying the tables with big checkered cloths. I need to clean my clothes but I don't have time. I've got two pairs of jeans both with stains on the knees. I'll have to wear one of them anyway. 

I want to take some photos but am upset because not only has the battery gone , so has the fuse (does a camera have a fuse - I don't think so). I need to get a new one. A guy I don't know very well offers to help me get one on the way to the station, he can walk me there if I like. He seemed a bit creepy but harmless. That wouldn't be much good as I want to take pictures of us all before I leave and we all go our separate ways. Someone else says there is a shop in the shopping centre opposite so you won't even have to get cold in the snow. I go over - I've borrowed some money and get what I need. I then exchange some money with a takeaway pizza place and then go to find the guy who said he would take me to get the fuse later. I return his money and was careful not to let him see what else I had in my bag.

I charged the camera packed and left out in the ice, snow and cold. I didn't say goodbye and I didn't take any pictures.

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