Saturday, 2 July 2011

A Field of Poppies Playing With Daisies.

 Thank you to my photographer friend Emma Stanger of ESP, who called me to tell me she had spotted this field on her way home from M and S. Next year I will be prepared for when they are in their prime, although I do like the mix of flower and seed heads. What amazes me is the beauty here, and yet it can be so easily missed. The reality is not so attractive just by the M25 - in between electricity pylons with a warehouse just beside. I was also surprised at how high the poppy and daisies grow, almost up to my chest. I walked close to the edge of the field and eventually there became a gap in the growth, walking in amongst it all there were patches that had been flattened down that looked like a wiggly maze. I'm not sure if people had done it but it looked like random forces of nature where the plants had been crushed and the earth mounded up where more flowers had grown. Beautiful and not what I would have expected. 

Not so pretty
The largest cowslip I have ever seen.

 Red v Purple!

New Haw, just across the road (before it gets all ugly)

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