Friday, 10 June 2011


Add more paint, then scratch it away.
Still need more space.

 Try again and then fold over
A long way to go...

This is probably not that different to what a two year old could do. However it is all part of a process that moves me forward and develops change. I have a rough Idea what I want, something that has the delicate dotty itchycoo flowers - which I already have. Now it is about finding a way to free it up. To give it space and mix it with large flowing brush stokes and maybe add some spray paint . To feel a contrast of hard and raw while keeping something that is soft and delicate. It's about working through a lot of rubbish , making many mistakes so that I can push myself forward.

 If I didn't it would be fine - playing safe. 
Just sticking to what works and what I can do. 
That would be easy, but very boring.

 At the moment I feel a little stuck but a little excited because I'm moving towards something that will be different and hopefully better than everything up until now.

 I painted the below three years ago. This is the closest to trying but I chickened out, there are still traces of the silver and blue spray cans that I used. Now I just need to get braver!!

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